Painting the Exterior Of a House

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From time to time the exterior of a house will need to be painted. The following are some of the tools and strategies which may be used to get the job done.

Pressure Washer

A pressure washer can be used to wash the exterior wall before painting. The water should be allowed to fully dry before beginning to paint. The walls can be pressure washed twice and each time allow it to fully dry. Keep water away from any electrical outlets on the outer wall.


After washing the exterior wall, a scraper can be used to scrape away any loose paint or any paint that has begun to strip away.


After washing the exterior wall and using a scraper, inspect the exterior wall. There may be cracks. Cracks can be sealed with a sealant before painting. Wait for the sealant to dry. Paper Paper can be used to cover surfaces which do not require painting such as window panes, electrical outlets, or lighting fixtures; however this is optional. However, some painters cover certain areas to protect the surface from accidental painting. Edge tape (mentioned below) can be used to affix the paper.

Edge Tape

Edge tape can also be used by itself to separate the boundaries of areas that need to be painted so that paint can be applied as close to the boundary as possible without going over. The use of edge tape is optional.


Paint should be purchased before the painting has started. The desired color(s) should be decided on in advance. How much paint is needed depends on the size of the area of the house to be painted. Also, keep in mind that if the exterior wall has a trim of a different color, then a second color of paint might be needed.

Before beginning to paint there are other considerations to keep in mind. One of which is clothing. Old clothing and old footwear should be worn. At some point, paint will end up on clothing. Another thing to consider is wearing eye protection because the painter will be looking upwards when painting the exterior of the house and strips or flakes of old paint could fall. Therefore, wearing eye protection is recommended.

Because we dealing with exterior house painting, be certain to check for and remove any wasp nests or the nest of any stinging insects before beginning to paint and/or before climbing a ladder.

Paint Rollers, Stir Sticks, Paint Tray, Extension Pole

After opening a can of paint be sure to stir it. Paint stir sticks can be used to stir the paint. The reason for stirring is to ensure that any portion of the paint which have settled will be mixed.

The paint can then be poured onto a paint tray. A paint roller can then be dipped into the paint to begin painting.

If the exterior of the house is high, the paint roller can be attached to an extension pole. If the extension pole cannot reach the upper regions of the exterior wall then a ladder might also be needed. Purchase more than one paint brush and more than one roller if more than one color will be applied to different areas of the exterior wall.

A Ladder

When doing exterior house paining a ladder might be needed. Make sure that the ladder is sturdy and that it placed on firm and even ground. If necessary, also consider getting a ladder with a hook so that a can of paint can be hung on the ladder. Also, consider a ladder with an attachment on which a paint tray can be securely seated.

As previously alluded to, remove any wasp nests or stinging insect nests before going up a ladder and/or before beginning to paint. Additional considerations when painting are to have a wet piece of cloth which can be used if any paint drops on an area on which paint is not wanted. In such an event, the area should be wiped immediately.

A Small Paint Brush

If any areas require greater accuracy, a small paint brush can be used. The paint brush can also be used for painting close to the edge tape (mentioned earlier). A paint brush can also be used in hard to reach areas such as crevices and corners.

More than one coat of paintAfter the area has been painted, wait for it to dry then give it a second coat of paint.

General Painting Strategy

Paint from top to bottom. Be careful that the coat of paint that is applied does not drip down the wall. If there are any areas where the paint is balling up and dripping, then quickly smooth it out by painting over it before it dries. From time to time the exterior of a house will need to be painted. This article mentioned tools and strategies which may be used to get the job done.